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Gas Fireplaces

Does my gas fireplace need yearly service?

Yes, all manufacturers of gas fireplaces recommend regular maintenance to ensure safe and efficient operation. Your warranty may require maintenance. Sundance Energy is proud to offer tune and service on all makes and models of decorative gas heating fireplaces. Our trained service technicians will help you keep your gas fireplace one of your best home investments. Call us today at 1-800-888-1045 to arrange a convenient time (weekend appointments available).

Gas Fireplaces

Can I shut my gas fireplace pilot off in the summer?

You can turn the pilot off when you won’t be using your appliance for an extended period of time, and then use our on-line instructions to relight the pilot when needed.

Gas Fireplaces

How do I light my gas fireplace pilot?

How to light your fireplace pilot light depends on the type of gas fireplace you have. Click one of the manufacturers below to see step-by-step instructions.